content creator

Sassafrass Media is all about authentic storytelling, connecting to our people, and empowering each other in our daily lives. I believe that rising tides lift all boats, and I am not afraid to make waves by telling truths, asking big questions and giving all the expertise, compassion and care I have to my clients.

I’m the Divorce Coach for Moms, and the founder, author and host of Single Mom Nation, a site focusing on girlfriend-to-girlfriend advice on self-care, co-parenting, dating and relationships, style and expert tips for single mothers and divorcing women. I am also host and producer of the podcast Single Mom Nation Radio, and half of the team behind the podcasts Write At Home Moms and The Content Coaches. 

My own authored posts have garnered more than 40 million page views, and 40,000 comments and my award-winning site has earned #3 Relationship Blog (2013), Top 50 Mom Blog (2012) and Top 100 Mom Blog (2011) by Babble.com.  I blogged for a decade at Sassafrass.

As a founding editor at Yahoo! Shine, I increased user engagement 130% in nine months on the Parenting channel, and boosted the Health channel from #13 to #3 in three months in its ComScore category. 
Pitches I developed led to Yahoo!'s national editorial campaigns with Nivea, Crystal Lite and Michelle Obama and the White House. My editorial clients include two Shark Tank-funded start-ups —Plated and Hatch Baby, as well as Huffington Post, Mom.me, Babble, Green Life Guide/Green Mom Guide, Sway Group influencer agency, TapGenes, WeAreTeachers, Sara’s Prints, Hutch Media, BestMomsTV, TheMid.com, Nick Jr., AOL, AlphaMom and the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. I've created content for national sponsor campaigns for Huggies, Target, Duracell, Walgreens, Crest, CDC, Heifer International, AARP and others. 
My on-air appearances can be seen and heard on Huffington Post Live, NBC-5, WGN-TV, Martha Stewart Radio, Better TV, FM100 and morning talk shows across the country.

content strategist

I help brands and lifestyle sites launch, polish and develop authentic content that makes readers and customers want to click, stay, purchase and evangelize all those good works, products and experiences. I offer twenty years of editorial experience in working with from-scratch start-ups to directing one of the most-viewed channels on a top-rated women’s lifestyle site.

Today, I translate the top-level strategy and applications learned at powerhouse corporations like Yahoo! and AOL and apply them to brands, websites and bloggers with forward-thinking, ambitious goals for authentic, lasting, clickable content. I connect brands to bloggers, building on decade-long relationships with top influencers for video, editorial and podcast campaigns.

An expert in brand voice that speaks directly to moms, I bring finely tuned editorial experience in the parenting, health, self-care, political and education spaces. 

My intent is always to work with super-smart, forward-thinking people who have an ambitious mission. I love a challenge. I love tending to details that color the big picture. And I love creating spaces online where people find their own people, find inspiration and feel empowered and informed.


As a coach, I use creative exercises, strategic thinking and empowering questions to help women write the next chapter of their big, amazing lives. I specialize in guiding women to and through the transition of divorce. 

real-life lady

I wear inappropriately high heels to the playground, am mom to an awkward-breakdancing, black belt, ‘80’s music-obsessed, stand-up comic teenage son and a fiery, booty-shaking preschooler affectionately known online as Boss Lady. I'm #blessed to have a chef boyfriend who keeps a list in his cell phone of all the foods I will never eat (#mayonnaise #cottagecheese). I respond to both Jessica and Ashley.