Exclusively for Coaches: Brand Your Business

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brand your business - coaches graphic.jpg

Exclusively for Coaches: Brand Your Business



This special rate is available only in July.  

Book today and get 34% off of the regular rate.

How well are you telling your brand story online?  Are you trying to build a business with a lagging, unfinished or slapped-together website? Does professional social sharing feel like too much? Are you paralyzed by writing your website copy or have a little bit of digital jealously for sleek sites of other coaches that you see? It's time to make sure that your professional site and social media shine a spotlight on exactly the kind of coach you are and business you envision for yourself.

Here's how I can help.  I am a seasoned content strategist, creative brand strategist, writer and editor who has been in business for more than 20 years. I will apply all the experience I have gained from working at Yahoo!, pitching Michelle Obama and the White House and big brands like Nivea and Crystal Lite, launching content for start-ups from scratch (two of whom were funded by Shark Tank), writing for sites like Huffington Post, and earning more than 40 million page views and 40,000 comments on posts with my own byline. I also bring five years experience consulting to small and emerging businesses, INCLUDING (and this will be important to you) COACHES. 

Now that I am a CDC Certified Divorce Coach, I am even more passionate about serving a community of coaches who greatly want to thrive and who are in need of solid advice from a person who gets all aspects of their business. 

Book today and get a 34% discount!

This package price is available in the month of July only.

Why else might you invest in this package? Because when it is over, you will have a checklist of simple tasks that will make a marked difference in how you share your professional story, elevate your brand and claim your space in social media. And, of course, all of that will lead to more confidence, connection and likely, clients. You will also have the ear and good advice of someone who has has a reputation in the business of creating high-quality content, building lasting relationships and caring deeply about each client. AND, you will feel so much better. 

Here's what you will get. 

This package is exclusively available for coaches and those participating in coach training. It includes:

  • Two face-to-face 30-minute consultation video calls. The first will be a deep dive into you, your business, your blue-sky goals and your ideal client. After I complete the analysis of your website and social media I will share all of the information you need to have a kickass professional digital home and engaging social presence on an It's Time to Shine call.
  • A full professional analysis of all the copy, images and user experience of your coaching website, in whatever state is in today. I will be assessing the voice, information, clarity and how compelling each page is to drive inquiries, sales and build brand awareness.
  • An extensive examination of your social media presence, the language, engagement by your fans and followers, the simplicity and brand alignment of your handle, and how each drives people directly to you and your business.
  • A checklist of tangible to-dos to really make your professional coaching website and social media shine. No jargon, no complex instructions, no worries.
  • The opportunity to continue partnering up at a special coach rate. Don't want to tackle that checklist yourself? You'll be eligible for quick -turnaround copywriting, branded social images, social media management, content workshops, blog writing and buttoned-up and compelling bios you can share at networking events, speeches and online immediately. And because Sassafrass Media really wants coaches to thrive, we are pleased to offer you a special rate for a custom package. 

What next?

Purchase your package – and do it today because this special rate is only available to coaches and only available in the month of July!

Then sign up for a 30-minute minute video call to get started! I will slate your project immediately into my calendar.

Once you purchase the package, you have 30 days to schedule your first call.

Have a question?

Email me at dear.jessica.ashley@gmail.com. 


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